Canva can be used to create stunning presentations, either from many of their pre-existing templates (which can be customised) or by starting from scratch with a blank presentation. This blog post covers using keyboard shortcuts in Canva during presentations. For information about all other keyboard shortcuts in Canva, just click here.

Keyboard shortcut to start a presentation in Canva

To enter presentation mode in Canva, use the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + P

Canva keyboard shortcuts while presenting

You can add some great effects during a presentation! These include:

Blurring a presentation Press B
Adds Confetti Press C
Adds a Drum roll Press D
Adds Bubbles Press O
Quiet (shhh!)Press Q
Add a TimerPress a number key (pressing 1 counts down from 1 minute, pressing 2 counts down from 2 minutes etc)
Stop the TimerPress X
To move forward to the next slidePress → (right arrow)
To move back a slidePress ← (left arrow)

To end a presentation in Canva…

To end presentation mode in Canva, press Esc esc key

Keyboard Shortcuts for Presentations Video Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed these keyboard shortcuts during presentations in Canva. If you know of any other ones, please add them to the comments section below 🙂

A quick reference guide showing all Canva keyboard shortcuts (or, at least all the keyboard shortcuts that I know of!) is available on my blog here and as a downloadable .pdf in the Resources Section of this website.

There is also a blog post about general keyboard shortcuts in Canva available here, and one about keyboard shortcuts when working with text here.

I hope you find them useful!

Canva Keyboard Shortcut Presentations
Canva – 11 Keyboard Shortcuts for Presentations (Updated 2021)

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