Creating curved text or curved writing is really easy in Canva!

Video tutorial – how to curve text in Canva

How to Curve Text in Canva

Time needed: 1 minute

  1. Type your text

  2. On the toolbar, click on Effects

  3. Choose Curve

  4. Use the slider to adjust the shape of your curve

    Sliding to the left curves your text upwards and adjusts the size of the circle, sliding to the right curves your text downwards and also adjusts the size of the circle.

  5. You can either use the resize handles to resize your text or the font size icon

  6. Click on the spacing icon on the toolbar to adjust the letter spacing

    This allows your curved text to become a full circle!

  7. You’re done! 🙂

Edit Your Curved Text

To edit your curved text,

  • Double-click on your text
  • A box showing your text will appear over your curved text
  • Make any edits that you want
  • Click away (in a blank area of your design)
  • You’re done! 🙂

Ideas using Curved Text

Curves within Curves
Curved Text in Canva - Curves within curves

To create curves within curves:

  • Create your curved text (instructions above)
  • Click on Duplicate
  • Resize your duplicated curved text to be smaller
  • Reposition it within your original curved text
Making Circles
Curved Text in Canva - making circles

To create a circle with text:

  • Create your curved text (instructions above)
  • Click the Spacing icon on the toolbar
  • Increase the letter spacing until your curve becomes a circle
Curved Text in Canva - reflections

To create a reflection effect:

  • Create your curved text (instructions above)
  • Click on Duplicate
  • Use the slide to invert the curved text so that it is curving the other way

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial about curved text in Canva. Just click here to look at other Canva Resources. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel for more video tutorials here.

Curved Text in Canva

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