Canva is a brilliant easy-to-use graphic design tool, that allows people to create stunning graphics for social media channels, print media, blogs and websites. To sign up for a free account, click here. This blog post covers using keyboard shortcuts in Canva, specifically when you are working with text.

With Canva, you can easily create graphics for both digital media and print, including:

A Facebook cover
Facebook posts
Instagram posts
A Poster
Twitter posts
Your website
Your Blog
Business Cards
A Logo
Gift Certificates
A4 documents
You Tube channel art
Pintrest Graphics
Photo collages

And much, Much. MUCH more…
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Keyboard Shortcuts for working with text in Canva

Canva has many keyboard shortcuts for Windows, to make creating graphics even easier and quicker. They include –

Add text quickly

Press T. Yes really, it’s that simple. Pressing T will insert a new text box onto your page.

Canva Sortcut to add text - press T

Shortcut: T

Convert text to UPPERCASE

Use the combination Ctrl+ Shift+ K to convert any selected text to uppercase.

Shortcut: Ctrl+ Shift+ K

Make text bold

Press B. Pressing B will make any selected text to bold.

Shortcut: B

Make text italic

Press I. Pressing I will make any selected text to italic.

Shortcut: I

Underline text

Pressing Ctrl + U will underline text.

Shortcut: Ctrl + U

Align text easily

Use Ctrl+ Shift+ L to left-align text

Ctrl+ Shift+ C will centre-align text.

And Ctrl+ Shift+ R right-aligns text.

Shortcut: Ctrl+ Shift+ L

Ctrl+ Shift+ C

Ctrl+ Shift+ R

Anchor text within a text box

You can anchor your text within a text box too. If you anchor your text to the top (default setting) any new text will appear under the original text, keeping the top of the text box in its original position and expanding the text box downwards. The shortcut is Ctrl+ Shift+ H to anchor text to the top.

Ctrl + Shift + H

Using Ctrl+ Shift + M will anchor text to the middle of your text box, so that the text box will expand both up and down as you type text.

Canva anchor text to the middle
Ctrl + Shift + M

Using Ctrl+ Shift+ B anchors text to the bottom of a text box, so that the text box will expand upwards as you type.

Canva anchor text to the bottom
Ctrl + Shift + B

Shortcut to anchor text to the top: Ctrl+ Shift+ H

To anchor text to the middle use shortcut: Ctrl+ Shift+ M

Shortcut to align to the bottom: Ctrl+ Shift+ B

Change character spacing

Use Alt + Ctrl + either , (comma) or . (full stop) to increase and decrease the character spacing.

Shortcut to increase: Ctrl + Alt + .

Shortcut to decrease: Ctrl + Alt + ,

Justify text

Using the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + J justifies text in a text box.

Shortcut: Ctrl+ Shift + J

Increase or decrease font size (by one point)

To increase your font size by one point at a time, press Ctrl + Shift + .

To decrease your font size by one point at a time, press Ctrl + Shift + ,

Shortcut to increase: Ctrl + Shift + .

Shortcut to decrease: Ctrl + Shift + ,

Align grouped text boxes

You can also use the shortcut Shift + Ctrl + J to align text boxes, but they have to be grouped first. To group text boxes, select them, then press Ctrl + G

Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift+ J

Do you know any other shortcuts in Canva for text? If you do, please add them to the comments section below.

More shortcuts in Canva are available here and in the Resources Section of this website. I hope you find it useful!

Canva – 17 keyboard shortcuts for working with text

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