Some fun Video Conferencing apps are far less formal than Skype, Meet, Teams etc. These include –


Available on iOS, Android, Mac and Chrome, HouseParty is one the most well known of the “fun” video conferencing options. Definitely aimed at getting friends together, rather than hosting a business meeting. Includes games, such as drawing challenges and trivia questions. When you start a “House Party” anyone in your contacts can join, although it is possible to “lock” your party once the attendees you want are there. Recently there have been questions raised about House Party’s privacy policy.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo allows up to 200 participants at a time on iOS or Android devices, so it’s great for large meetings/events. There are no time limits, you can send messages and it and includes fun doodles, voice effects and filters.

JCH Marco Polo image


Available for iOS and Android, Bunch allows you to play games with your friends while you video chat with them. You can connect with up to 8 friends simultaneously. Bunch includes a few built-in games, with more being added every month, and it integrates with games like Minecraft, Roblox, Call of Duty and many more.

JCH Bunch Image

Whilst I wouldn’t use any of these options to host a business meeting (but I guess that depends what you business is, whether they are appropriate or not) they are all video conferencing apps that focus on fun and connecting. Great for catching up or spending time online with friends and family.

Obviously Zoom could be included in this list…If you want to get started with Zoom, please click here. I’ve also written a blog about keeping safe and secure on Zoom here.

Fun Video Conferencing
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