You can remove duplicates in your data from a spreadsheet in LibreOffice Calc using Advanced Filters.

Remove Duplicate Data

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Open your spreadsheet in Calc

    Spreadsheet in Calc

  2. Click on Data on the Menu bar


  3. Go to More Filters, then choose Advanced Filter

    Advanced Filter

  4. The Advanced Filter dialogue box will open

    Advanced Filter dialogue

  5. Click on the shrink icon

    Advanced Filter dialogue shrink

  6. Highlight your data

    Highlight data

  7. Click on the expand icon


  8. Click on the + symbol next to options


  9. If your data has headings, make sure there is a tick in the Range Contains Column Labels option


  10. Put a tick in the No duplications option

    No Duplications

  11. Click OK

  12. Your data has now been filtered – the duplicates aren’t deleted

  13. Highlight your filtered data and press Ctrl + C

  14. Open a new sheet (or navigate to wherever you want your data without duplicates)

    New Sheet

  15. Press Ctrl + V to paste your filtered data

  16. Your pasted data does not contain duplicates 🙂

Unfilter Your Original Data

To get rid of the filter on your original data (if you want), navigate back to it. Click anywhere on your dataset. Click on Data (on the menu bar), choose More Filters, then click on Reset Filters. (Alternatively you can select your data, right-click on the row labels and choose Show Rows).

Reset Filter

Removing Duplicates from your Dataset in LibreOffice Calc Video Tutorial

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