It’s really easy to change page orientation in Google Docs (e.g. from portrait to landscape). You can either change all the pages in a document of just some of them.

Change All Pages to Landscape

Time needed: 1 minute

To change the orientation of ALL of your pages in a document:

  1. Click on Format on the menu bar

    Format menu

  2. Click on Page Orientation

    Page Orientation

  3. Make sure Whole document is selected here in the Apply to section

    Apply to whole document

  4. Choose Landscape

    Select Landscape

  5. Click OK

    Click OK

  6. Your pages will now ALL be landscape

    Change Page Orientation in Google Docs e.g. to landscape

Change Selected Pages to Landscape

To only change one page to landscape, for example:

  1. Select the text that you want on a landscape page Selected text
  2. Click on Format on the menu bar
  3. Choose Page Orientation
  4. In the Apply to section, click on the drop-down and choose Selected Content (if it’s not already showing) Selected Content
  5. In the Orientation section, select Landscape
  6. Click OK
  7. The selected text will be moved onto a new landscape page, leaving in place the unselected text
One page is landscape

Note – Google Docs has automatically inserted new sections into your document – one just before you change you page orientation and one just after.

Video Tutorial – Changing Page Orientation in Google Docs

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