To add checkboxes or tick boxes to a spreadsheet in LibreOffice Calc, go to the View menu then choose Toolbars, then finally click on Form Controls.

Form Controls in LibreOffice Calc

The Form Control toolbar will appear on your screen.

Form Control Toolbar
Form Control Toolbar in Calc

Click on Check box (or tick box)

Checkbox / Tick box in LibreOffice Calc

Then click and drag in the cell where you want the checkbox in your spreadsheet

You can use the handles to click and drag your checkbox / tick box to make it larger or smaller. (You may have to increase your row or column height – see below)

Check box in Calc
Select rows
Row icon
Adjust Column Height
Adjust Column Height

How to Change Row Height

Note – to change the height of your rows, highlight them.

On the Standard Toolbar, find the row icon and click on the drop-down arrow next to it.

Click on Row Height. Use the up arrow to increase your row height (it will increase all of the selected rows).

Take the tick out of Default Height (if necessary) by clicking on it. Click OK.

Repeat the instructions, clicking and dragging for each checkbox you want, then press esc on your keyboard to finish. (Or, use Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to copy and paste your checkbox into other cells).

Click on Design Mode on the Form Control Toolbar.

Design Mode

The checkboxes will become clickable.

To download the spreadsheet used in this example, just click here:

I hope you enjoyed adding checkboxes / tick boxes to your spreadsheet in LibreOffice Calc. For more resources about LibreOffice, just click here 🙂 then navigate to the LibreOffice section. There’s resources on LibreOffice Calc, Writer and Impress. Alternatively take a look at our YouTube channel here.