The default in Google Slides, is for slides to be landscape but you can change their size or change them to portrait slides easily.

Time needed: 1 minute

  1. Open your presentation in Google Slides

    Slides sample presentation

  2. Click on File (on the menu bar)


  3. Choose Page Setup (it’s near the bottom of the menu)

    Page setup

  4. Your current aspect ratio will be displayed. (This depends on what sort of device / display you are using. Mine is widescreen and has as aspect ratio of 16:9). Click on the drop-down arrow

    Current aspect ratio

  5. Choose Custom


  6. You can change your unit of measurement here (to pixels, inches, points or centimetres)

    Unit of measurement

  7. The measurements show the current width x height of your slides.

  8. Highlight the height and press Ctrl + C (to copy it)

    Copy height

  9. Type in the current width into the height box

    Type current width into height box

  10. Click into the width box, delete the contents then press Ctrl + V (to paste the width into the height box)

    Paste into width

  11. Click Apply


  12. Your slides are now portrait 🙂

    Portrait slides in Google Slides

Change the Size of the Slides in Google Slides

To change the size of your slides, go to File, and click on Page Setup. Then choose Custom in the drop-down box. You can then simply type in the size you want to use for your slides. Remember you can also change the unit of measurement (to inches, centimetres, pixels etc) using the drop-down. Click on Apply.

Video Tutorial – How to change orientation of Slides

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