AutoSum is a very quick and easy way of adding up a list of figures in Excel.

What it does…

Adds up a range of cells.







To use AutoSum,

  1. Click on the cell where you want the answer

    Autosum in Excel

  2. On the Home Tab, in the Editing Group, click on AutoSum
    (Autosum can also be found on the Formulas Tab, in the Functions Library)

    AutoSum icon

  3. Check that the marching ants are around all of the figures you want included in your total

    AutoSum in Excel marching ants

  4. If they are not, simply click and drag over the range of cells you want included

    Autosum in Excel select range

  5. Press Enter

    Autosum total in Excel

  6. To copy the formula, click on the cell that contains it and move your mouse pointer into the bottom right-hand corner (mouse pointer should look like a small black cross)

    autofill in Excel

  7. Click and drag where you want the formula copied to

    Autofill click & drag


In Excel, click into the cell where you want your answer and press Alt + =

Note – SUM ignores empty cells and cells containing text .

Video Using AutoSum in Excel

I hope you enjoyed finding out about AutoSum in Excel. To find out more about other useful functions in Excel, just click here to access the Resource page, or just click here to access the YouTube channel.