You can easily remove the background of an image or photo using a free online tool called

How to Remove the Background of an Image or Photo using Remove.BG

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Access the website website address

  2. Either drag and drop your image onto the browser page, or, click on upload image, navigate to your image, click on your image to select it then click open

    Add image to

  3. The background is automatically removed

    Background of Image or Photo is automatically removed using Remove.BG

  4. You can toggle between the original image and the one with the background removed here

    Toggle between original image and one with background removed

  5. If you are happy with your image either click on it (to download it) or click on the blue download button

    Download button

  6. (To download an HD image, you will need to either purchase individual credits or or sign-up to a subscription plan)

  7. You can make more adjustments (e.g. add a new background image or colour) by clicking on edit in the top right-hand corner of your image

    Edit button

  8. On the background tab, in the editor, scroll down and choose a new image for your background

    Background tab in editor

  9. Alternatively, to choose one of your own images or photos, click on Select Photo, navigate to your image, click on your image to select it then click open

    Select own photo

  10. Use the Blur icons to blur your background (if you want)

    Blur icons

  11. Alternatively, click on Color, to change your background to a solid colour

    Colour tab

  12. Select a colour from the pane, or choose the multicoloured icon (in the top left of the pane) to select your own colour

    Background colour

  13. Click on the Erase/Restore tab to add some of the erased parts back to your photo, or erase more

    Erase / Restore tab

  14. Click on either Erase or Restore (depending on what you want to do

    Choose erase or restore

  15. Use the slider to increase or decrease the size of the brush

    Slider image

  16. Click and drag on your image to add to or subtract the original background from it

    Delete or restore

  17. Remember you can use the undo button!

    Undo / Redo

  18. Click Download to download your image onto your device


  19. Click on the X to close the editor…and that’s it! 🙂