This Excel Advanced course is for delegates who have a very good working knowledge of Excel. By the end of the day, delegates will be able to add pivot charts, pivot tables and slicers to their worksheets, create custom formats, use conditional formatting rules and record a macro.

Course Outline
Session 1

Understand absolute, relative and mixed cell references, and use them in formulae, use dynamic named ranges, audit a workbook, use data validation (drop-down boxes) to enter data.

Session 2

Create a pivot table, update a pivot table, add fields, change field options, change view and create slicers. Create a pivot chart, edit a pivot chart, apply styles and update a pivot chart.

Session 3

Create custom formats of numbers (for example specify how many digits a number in a cell should have, custom date or time), use conditional formatting rules (for example, using the ‘If Formula Is’ to format cells), how to find and exclude duplicates.

Session 4

Introduction to Macros – record a macro, assign a macro to a keyboard shortcut, assign a macro to the ribbon, save a macro in personal, save a macro in a workbook.

Next Date: February 2020

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At a Glance

Level: Excel Advanced Course (Level 3)

Equipment/Account needed: None

Duration: 10 am – 4 pm

Class Size: 8 or less

Course Materials: Manual & quick reference guide included

Requirements: It is expected that delegates can use Excel competently

Cost: £200

Refreshments: Free tea/coffee and snacks are provided

Lunch: Provided

Location: 4th Floor, The Melting Pot, Rose Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PR