The Split function in Google Sheets is a text function that divides text around a specified character (or string) and puts each fragment into a separate cell in the row.

What it Does

Divides the contents of a cell at a specified point and puts each part into a separate cell.


=SPLIT(text, delimiter)

Text is simply the text to be divided. The delimiter is the character or characters to be used to split the text. If the delimiter is text, it will need to be enclosed in quotation marks, “like this”, even the text is a space – ” “.

=SPLIT(A2, “,”)

=SPLIT(A2,” “)


Split function in Sheets
Split function in Sheets

Using the Data Menu

It is possible to easily split clearly defined data (for example, text separated by commas) into several different columns in Google Sheets without using a formula. To do this,

  1. With your spreadsheet open, select the cells that you want to split

    Split function in Sheets

  2. Click on the Data menu

    Split function in Sheets

  3. Choose Split text to columns

    Split function in Sheets

  4. To choose which character Sheets uses to split the data, click the drop-down arrow (next to Separator) and choose an option (e.g. space, comma etc.)

    Split function in Sheets

  5. Your text will immediately separate

    Split function in Sheets

  6. If you want to split your data using a different character (e.g. £) choose Custom, then type in your separator and your text will immediately separate

    Custom Split in Sheets

Click on the download button above, if you want to download a copy of the examples used into Sheets.

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