You can easily import a spreadsheet from Excel into Google Sheets.

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Open Google Sheets (you may have to sign in, if you aren’t already)

    Google Sheets open

  2. Click on Blank

    Google Sheets Open Blank Spreadsheet

  3. Go to File and choose Import

    Google Sheets File Import Excel Spreadsheet

  4. Click on the Upload Tab

    Upload Tab

  5. Either click on the blue select a file from your device button (then navigate to your Excel spreadsheet, select it and click open) or drag and drop your file

    Drag and Drop Excel Spreadsheet into Google Sheets to Import it

  6. The Import file dialogue will appear

    Import File dialogue box

  7. Select an Import location option from the drop-down (Replace spreadsheet, Create new spreadsheet, Insert New Sheet etc)

    Import options

  8. Click on the green Import button

    Import Data button

  9. Your Excel spreadsheet will open in Google Sheets

    Excel Spreadsheet Imported into Google Sheets

Import an Excel Spreadsheet into Google Sheets Video

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