Deleting a spreadsheet permanently from Google Drive is a quick, two-step process. You simply delete it from your homepage in Sheets, then empty your bin in Drive.

To delete a spreadsheet from Google Drive,

  1. Click on the Sheets Home button (if you aren’t there already)

    Sheets Home icon

  2. On your Sheets homepage, find the spreadsheet that you want to delete

    Sheets Homepage

  3. Click on the three dots (the More icon) and choose Remove

    Click on Remove

  4. Choose Move to Bin

    Move to bin

  5. Click on the Main Menu icon (the three lines or burger icon)

    Main Menu icon

  6. Choose Drive from the list


  7. Click on Bin (in the menu down the left-hand side of your screen) to see all of your binned items


  8. The bin will open (Note that items in your bin are automatically deleted forever after 30 days)


  9. Click on Empty Bin (on the right)

    Empty Bin

  10. Click on Delete Forever

    Delete Forever

  11. Your item will be deleted forever

    No items in bin

Delete a Spreadsheet permanently from Drive (Quick Video Tutorial)

I hope you enjoyed learning how to delete a spreadsheet from Google Drive. For more tutorials on Google Sheets and other Google Workspace apps, please look at the Resource section here. There are more video tutorials on our channel here.