It’s really easy to convert a Canva presentation to a PowerPoint presentation (i.e. a .pptx file). The presentation feature in Canva has had many features added to it, and there are loads of templates to choose from. So you may find yourself using Canva instead of PowerPoint. However, you may need to download your Canva presentation as a PowerPoint file at some point, perhaps to share it with someone who isn’t using Canva. It’s really easy to do 🙂

How to Download a Canva Presentation as a PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx)

  1. With your presentation open in Canva…

    Presentation in Canva

  2. Click on More icon (the three dots in the top right-hand corner of your screen)

    Canva More icon

  3. In the Share section, click on Microsoft PowerPoint

    Canva Share section

  4. You can choose whether you want to download all the pages in your presentation, or only certain ones (take the tick out of any page you don’t want to download)

    Choose Pages

  5. Click on the purple Done button

  6. Click on the purple Download button (Note that videos, audio and animations may not play when you export your file)

    Download button

  7. Your presentation will start downloading


  8. Gave your presentation a name and click on Save

    Name your presentation

  9. Navigate to your downloaded presentation (this will be your Downloads folder, unless you specified another location when saving)

  10. Double-click on the presentation to open it

    Downloaded presentation

  11. Your presentation will open in PowerPoint

    Presentation in PowerPoint

  12. Note that video, audio and animations won’t play in PowerPoint – you’ll have to add them in again!

Video Tutorial

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to convert a Canva presentation to a PowerPoint presentation (or .pptx file). For more resources, have a look at our Resource page here. For more videos please have a look at our YouTube channel here.