The default in PowerPoint is for slides to be landscape, but you can change them to portrait easily.

Time needed: 1 minute

How to change PowerPoint slides to portrait

  1. With your presentation open in PowerPoint, click on the Design tab

    PowerPoint Design Tab

  2. Click on Slide Size (in the customize group)

    PowerPoint Slide Size icon

  3. Click on Custom Slide Size

    PowerPoint custom Slide size

  4. The Slide Size dialogue box will appear

    Slide size dialogue

  5. On the right, in the Orientation section, choose Portrait

    Choose portrait

  6. Click OK


  7. Decide whether you want to maximise the content of your slides to fit the new layout, or whether you want to scale down the size of your content (to ensure that everything fits)

    Maximise or ensure fit

  8. Click on either Maximise or Ensure Fit

    Maximise or ensure fit

  9. Your slides are now Portrait 🙂

    Portrait orientation in PowerPoint

Video Tutorial How to change slides in PowerPoint to Portrait

Note – If you want to change the size of your slides, for example to A4 to print them, go to the Design Tab, then in the Customize Group choose Slide Size. Click on Custom Slide Size – the Custom Slide Size dialogue box will appear. On the right-hand size of it, in the Slides Sized for section you can click on the drop-down and choose a preset option (or choose Custom and set your own size requirements).

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