There are several ways that you can change your margins in LibreOffice Writer. This tutorial will cover two different ways:

Time needed: 1 minute

To change the margins of a page in LibreOffice writer,

  1. Click on Format (on the menu bar) and choose Page Style

    Format Page Style

  2. Click on the Page tab (in the dialogue box that appears)

    Page Tab

  3. Amend the margins in the bottom left-hand corner of the dialogue box

    Change Margins in LibreOffice Writer

  4. As you amend your margins the changes will be previewed in the top-right of the dialogue box

    Change Margins in LibreOffice Writer

  5. Click on Apply (you can then click and drag the dialogue box out of the way your see how your changes look)

  6. Click OK


  7. Your margins are changed 🙂

How to Change Margins in LibreOffice Writer using the Sidebar

If Your Sidebar isn’t Visible…

To access the sidebar, press Ctrl + F5 (or go to View, then Sidebar).

To Change your Margins…

  • Click on the Page icon.
  • The Page Sidebar Pane will open.
  • In the Format section, click on the drop-down next to Margins:.
  • Choose from None, Narrow, Moderate, Normal etc.
  • To close the sidebar pane, click on the X.
Change Margins using Sidebar in LibreOffice Writer

Video Tutorial

If you want to know more about LibreOffice, have a look at the Resources page here, and our YouTube channel here. You can download LibreOffice for free here.