There are a few different ways you can easily change the case of your text in Microsoft Word. You can toggle between UPPERCASE, lowercase and Sentence case.

Using the Ribbon to Change Case in Word

Time needed: 1 minute

To change the case of your text,

  1. Select the text that you want to change

    Change case in Word

  2. On the Home tab, find the Font Group

    Home tab, Font group

  3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to Change Case

    Drop-down next to Change Case

  4. Select your new case (choose from Sentence case, UPPERCASE, lowercase, Capitalise Each Word, tOGGLE cASE)

    Choose new case

  5. Your text will update.

    Text has changed case in Microsoft Word

What is tOGGLE cASE? The tOGGLE cASE option changes all lowercase letters to UPPERCASE and all UPPERCASE letters to lowercase within your selected text.

Using a Keyboard Shortcut to Change Case in Word

Highlight all the text you want to change. Hold down the Shift key and press F3. Depending on what case your text starts in, the text toggles from sentence case (first-letter uppercase and the rest lowercase), to all uppercase (all capital letters), and then all lowercase (all lowercase letters).

Note – if your text does not have a full stop at the end of it, Shift & F3 will toggle to capitalise each word instead of using sentence case.

YouTube tutorial – How to Change Case in Microsoft Word

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